The Problems of Gmail And Yahoo mail

Gmail is the mailing service which is offered by Google. We can send many emails at once and they are completely free of cost. Gmail is the best way to connect the other person and sending any kind of information that we want to share. Yahoo mail is also the mailing service of Yahoo. It is another one for sending any information by email that you want to share with the other person. These services are different from each other.
Gmail and Yahoo mail are the free web based services. These are very helpful for sending and receiving the message. These services are used for storing email addresses and integrate with other email services. The working process is very different from Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Now I want to tell about the problems of Gmail and Yahoo mail that the users face.
The Problems of Yahoomail – Yahoo mail is a web – based email service. Yahoo mail service is also cost of free and paid. If you want to enjoy the Yahoo mail service. Then you will create the account in Yahoo mail. For creating the account you want to open the internet browser and go to the Yahoo homepage. Then click on mail that is left a corner on the page. After that, you will sign in. If you don’t have any account then you need to create an account. After completing this process you will enjoy this service. Any technical problem (forgot password, account recovery etc.) that you will face. Then you will contact the Yahoo support number follow the instruction. They will help you for solving your problem or you can visit on
The Problems of Gmail- Google provides two types of mailing service to the users. One is free of cost and the other is paid. It depends on the users that they want. We are facing many problems when we are working at Gmail. If you want to enjoy the Gmail service. Firstly you will create the account on Gmail when you will create the account of Gmail then you will enjoy the service of Gmail. Sometimes you will face many problems which follow:

  1. Forgot password
  2. Gmail account hacked
  3. Sending and receiving emails issue
  4. Files Uploading issue

Gmail account is very efficient for working on internet and Gmail provides the guidelines for helping the users to access the account. If you will face any type of technical issue related with Gmail and you want to get more information. Then you will connect with Gmail Customer Support for solving your technical problem and to visit this informative site: